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About Traditional Representation

In the traditional role as an attorney, I work as an advocate for my client. My responsibility is to gather information, usually through more expensive, formal means, then prepare the best possible presentation of the client's position under the law.

This sort of representation can range from assisted settlement work to actual formal trial work. In each, the attorney orchestrates the development of the case, often without the client present or participating directly. This type of work is necessary in cases where one party is unwilling to share information or even conceals it or when, for whatever reason, a settlement just cannot be reached through other means.

In my years of practice, I have experienced great success in settling cases. Most clients with whom I've worked gain enough understanding of their situation and the law to be willing to settle. Where a case must move forward to trial, I will refer a client to litigation counsel.



"Sarah was enormously helpful, indeed critical to our case. She was always professional and well prepared, but beyond this, she was emotionally behind us and seemed genuinely interested in our well-being throughout the proceeding. I felt she represented us and our point of view in a compelling way, and she got things done in the courtroom. I highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is seeking competent, thoughtful representation. "

- Kevin R.,
Santa Rosa






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