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Mediation for confilct resolution

About Mediation

As a mediator, I work as a neutral facilitator for two clients to help them settle their disputes.

Generally, my role is to help my clients work together to define their issues and determine their priorities. Once these become clear, the parties gather the information they need to understand the decisions ahead. I facilitate communication, making sure that each person feels safe and engaged, and guide the discussion through negotiation to an agreement.

As a legal professional, I make sure that we talk about the necessary topics so that people understand the law and can make their own decisions. Once we have concluded our conversation, I memorialize the agreement in writing and prepare the other pleadings required by the Court to dissolve a relationship.

I encourage clients to have a consulting attorney throughout the mediation process and, certainly, towards the end.





" Thank you, Sarah, for giving my former spouse and myself a safe and impartial place to air out our differences and bring our past marriage to an acceptable conclusion. I can't imagine not having your input and expertise during this time of upset in our lives. I'm glad you were there for us. "

- Herb
Santa Rosa, CA







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