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Mediation for confilct resolution

Dispute Resolution Choices

Self Representation
Mediation and
Collaborative Law
Focus Party works as own attorney. Neutral party works with spouses to assist them in reaching agreement. Collaborative attorneys and coaches assist spouses in reaching agreement. Attorneys present each party's position to court
Information Gathering Spouse must attempt to get information from other spouse. All information is shared. Each party agrees to bring all necessary information and document to table. All information is shared. Each party agrees to bring all necessary information and documents to table. Information may be gathered either informally or through formal discovery process. May be resistance to voluntarily sharing information.
Desision-maker Spouses Spouses Spouses Spouses if possible. Judge if parties do not agree.

With Mental Health Professional
None or consultation Consulting. Review of agreement.

Co-Mediation includes professional help with emotional issues and communication challenges.
Each party retains own attorney and own coach for settlement purposes. New attorney for litigation. Litigation attorneys
Cost Minimal up-front. Can be high costs later if mistakes. Typically lowest cost. Shared cost of mediator. Some cost for consulting or reviewing attorney. Each party pays for collaborative attorney and coach. Often shared costs for experts. Typically high cost. Each party pays for own attorney and own experts.
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