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Mediation for confilct resolution

About Consultation

I consult with clients in two situations.

I often meet with a potential client who just wants some legal information and education.  We may talk for an hour and a half.  I am introduced to the person’s situation and have the opportunity to ask some questions to develop a better understanding.  Then I might discuss the law “in a nutshell,” if that seems appropriate and helpful, and answer questions.  For some, all that’s needed at that moment is one meeting; with others, we may decide to work together, developing a case management plan and a time line.  It really depends on the person’s circumstances and needs at the time.

I also serve as a consulting attorney for a client who is actively engaged in mediation with another legal professional.  I help the client prepare so that he or she can be effective in the next mediation session.  Most often, my clients participate in mediation without me being present.


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