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Collaborative Team Supports Clients
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Sarah Glade Gurney mediation attorney
Barbara Bowen, Sarah Glade Gurney, and Judith F. Sterling work as a team,
offering their different expertise to help clients resolve family matters
collaboratively without going to court.

“When people come to me with legal problems, they often need more help or different help than I can provide as an attorney. That’s why I’m glad to be part of a multi-disciplinary collaborative team,” explains Sarah Gurney, local family law attorney.

The collaborative approach to legal disputes combines the services of trained professionals who can best help clients reach resolution: attorneys, coaches, financial specialists; real estate professionals, business appraisers, and child advocates. It also allows people to resolve their issues respectfully and to create long-lasting solutions without going to court.

With Sarah offering legal counsel, Barbara Bowen coaches clients through the emotional challenges that arise during the legal process, helping them improve their communication so they assert their ideas clearly without creating unnecessary tension. She also helps parents develop plans that focus on their children’s needs and well-being. “My assistance can set the stage for people to complete the emotional process and to make necessary changes in their relationships,” Barbara explains.

While Sarah and Barbara often help the same client, Judith Sterling enters the case as the neutral financial professional serving both parties. She gathers and evaluates financial documents, educates the parties about the realities of their finances, recognized potential tax problems, and helps evaluate settlement proposals. “There are many interdependent elements in the divorcing family’s financial future. The fact that two household now have to live on the same income that previously supported one household underscores the importance of financial education and planning,” Jude says.

For those finding themselves facing a divorce, any one of the three can answer questions about “how to cultivate collaboration in an adversarial world.”

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