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Innovative Services for People in Transition-
Carol Weser and Sarah Gurney Offer
Their Services as Co-Mediators

by Sarah Glade Gurney
Sonoma West Times & News
February 2010 Progress

Carol Weser and Sarah Gurney offer their services as co-mediators
Carol Weser and Sarah Gurney offer their services as co-mediators.

I’ve learned from my collaborative law practice that I deliver better legal services to my client when I work closely with a mental health professional on the client’s team. Now I want to apply this lesson to my mediation practice,” says Sebastopol attorney Sarah Gurney.

Carol Weser and Sarah Gurney now offer their paired services as comediators for clients in transition in their family lives. They believe this is the first time such services have been available in Sonoma County.

Traditional mediation involves one attorney working as a neutral facilitator for two clients to help them settle their legal disputes. Co-mediation adds the mental health professional to the mediation sessions.

The mental health professional helps the clients with the emotional issues and communication challenges in ways that enhance the effectiveness of the attorney. “We believe that this new form of mediation may be more effective that the one-professional model and less costly than collaborative practice with the four-member team,” say Carol and Sarah.

The co-mediation team works with these goals in mind: to help clients achieve respectful communication, transparency in the exchange of information, and resolution without having to go to court. Carol supports clients in clarifying and expressing their needs and interests, and together with Sarah, helps the clients brainstorm and assess options, then negotiate a lasting, win-win conclusion.

Carol has spent her adult life helping to improve the quality of life on a one-person and one-couple-at-a-time level, both in her psychotherapy practice and as a dispute resolution coach. In practice for over 30 years, she holds two California licenses, Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Psychologist.

Sarah entered the practice of law after two other successful careers. She’s worked exclusively in Sonoma County for 19 years, starting as a litigation associate, then as a partner in a downtown Santa Rosa law firm. Going solo in 2006 in Sebastopol, she has dedicated her professional efforts to out-of-court settlement.

Carol and Sarah look forward to working with clients together. Their assistance can help clients through the emotional issues and stresses that accompany any major life change. Give them a call if you need their help with your family situation.

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